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Flash Floods in Tanzania and Kenya Prompt Disease Outbreaks

For the last 3 weeks now, Kenya and Tanzania have been among the countries that have experienced heavy rainfall. Considering that the year is almost midway gone, the Eastern African Climate is expected to turn chilly and rainy at the same time. The current situation in Kenya and Tanzania has ben prompted by the long rains which are bound to extend further to the month of June. 

While some people in the mentioned countries may consider heavy rainfall as a big blessing, others see the same as a very tragic occurrence. For the period that the rainfall has been transpiring, a lot of damage, especially in the health sector has been witnessed. A number of cases in both Kenya and Tanzania have been brought up where serious medical infections hit residents.

The first cholera outbreak was reported in Nakuru, A Kenyan town. The outbreak claimed a number of lives especially for residents who lived in the town center and the close environs. Currently, major food joints, including high-class eateries have been barred from operating. This has been implemented by the County Government of Nakuru as a defensive measure to curb further spread of cholera and other ailments in that line.

Other similar cases have been reported in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, where several patients have been admitted in hospitals after being infected with cholera. Several lives have also been lost in the same scenario. Just like in Nakuru, Nairobi city government has been working tooth and nail to ensure that the spread of diseases caused by floods is curtailed. It is feared that if proper strategies are not implemented, Nairobi may register more deaths as a result of the ongoing heavy rains. 

Dar es Salaam has also been one of the cities in Tanzania where flash floods have been experienced heavily. The city drainage is said to have been constructed poorly hence leading to stagnation of water along the streets. The floods have been termed not only tragic but very hazardous to the health of residents.

So far, health bodies have released reports that there is an outbreak of typhoid and Cholera in some parts of Dar es Salaam. This has been confirmed by the rising number of casualties in public and private hospitals in the city.

 Both the Kenyan and Tanzanian governments are currently investing heavily in beefing up the drainage systems especially in major cities. This is seen as the most ideal way of fighting floods and eventually reducing the threat of disease outbreak. Other governments across the globe are also urged to do the same in readiness for any turn of events.

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