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Hopes For Spinal Injury Medication

According to a research done by the Imperial College London Researchers Institute, there are high hopes that spinal injuries can be cured. The study indicated that a certain combination of cancer drugs can work collectively in treating spinal injuries. The researchers conducted tests on medications that can be used in treating cancer and eventually realized that the same drugs can treat spinal complications as well.
Mice were taken as specimen in the aforementioned test. Nutlins, a cancer drug, was administered into a few mice. It was later realized that much movement was recovered in mice that received the drug. The division of mice that did not receive the medication failed to show any recovery in terms of movement. That alone indicated that the mentioned cancer drug has the capacity to regenerate the nervous system.
The experiment was heavily linked to the case of humans. Considering that the nervous system of vertebrates works in the same way, it was realized that spinal recovery might be achieved if Nutlins was used in humans. However, the Imperial College London Researchers opted to try the medication on rats first and promised to try the same in humans in the next 10 years to come. It was felt that more research has to be done with regard to Nutlins in order to confirm if it can indeed remedy spinal injuries in human beings.
Spinal cord damage has long been considered to be a permanent ailment. This is because previous studies have confirmed that regeneration of nerves is very difficult. However, the notion that spinal injuries may not be cured has been brought down by the previous tests done on mice. The recovery of movement ability in mice indicated that Nutlins has the ability to restore normal functionality of the spinal cord, especially if teamed up with other medications.
A number of other drugs, aside from Nutlins, were used in the tests done on mice. All the drugs were confirmed to be very safe when used on human beings suffering from early-stage cancer. However, for the sake of giving the study a benefit of doubt, involved researchers confirmed that the medication will be put to test in 10 years to come in order to confirm if it has the capacity in treating spinal injuries.
At least 75% of mice that were subjected to the test were able to recover from paralysis. This is a great indication that the long-awaited spinal injury medication is on the way.

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