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Skinny Jean Wearers At A Serious Health Risk

Skinny jeans have been put on spotlight and labeled as a very serious health risk among wearers. The risk was realized after an Australian woman developed serious complication after spending a day in tight jeans. It is said that the woman spent most of the time squatting while emptying her cabinets in readiness to relocate. It was later in the day that she realized that her legs had swelled heavily to an extent of making it hard for her to walk.

The 35-year-old had to be cut out of the tight jeans since her legs were swollen beyond normal. According to a medical research done by international bodies, it has been revealed that there is a certain disorder that comes after a long strain of body tissues and that is what the lady suffered from. The disorder is known ad compartment syndrome and it affects tissues that tend to be enclosed or rather covered for a long time.

There are cases where compartment syndrome may be characterized by internal tissue bleeding especially in muscular parts of the body. In this case, the calves are at a bigger risk for skinny jeans wearers. After the legs of the Australian woman had swelled heavily, she tripped and fell on the floor. The problem is that the condition was already aggravated, and she was unable to stand on her feet again. It took the efforts of doctors to cut off the jeans in order to curb the condition primarily.

It was realized that her feet still had adequate blood flow. However, her muscles were very weak to an extent of losing some feelings. The condition compelled the doctors to use drip on the woman for hours. It was after the fourth day that she was finally able to walk without any aid.

Interestingly, there has been a number of other cases that have been reported in other countries. However, the cases are not as serious as what the Australian woman went through. Numb thighs and tingly feeling characterized the cases though not permanent.

Some medical professionals have confirmed that there is no need to ditch skinny jeans simply because the Australian woman experienced compartment syndrome. However, they urged skinny jean wearers to avoid remaining in the same position for a long time since this is the only way Compartment Syndrome can occur. Prolonged pain is one of the symptoms that you should be on the lookout for.

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