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Canada Finally Legalizes ‘Abortion Pill’

The latest news has confirmed that the ‘abortion pill’ is now legal in Canada. The push to legalize this drug has been pending since 2012, but the approval has finally been granted. RU-486 is a combination of both Misoprostol and Mifepristone and it is known best to terminate pregnancies. The move to legalize this drug has attracted mixed reactions from the members of the society.

The National Abortion Federation expressed gratitude and excitement following the approval of the ‘abortion pill’. In fact, officials from the federation have termed the move as ‘good news’ for Canadian women. The Federation is among those who have been exerting pressure on the Health Canada to ensure that the ‘abortion pill’ is legalized.

However, a considerable percentage of society members have indicated their disappointment against the approval. A group of anti-abortion activists has already come up terming the drug as a ‘human pesticide’. They even threatened to launch a national wide campaign to discourage the use this drug.

The rising number of abortion cases in Canada has prompted the heavy criticism on the drug. Also, cultural and moral approach among some Canadians has a heavy connection with the massive criticism. The Christian community in Canada does not advocate for abortion, and this is one of the key forces behind the criticism.

RU-486 has been in use in other countries across the globe. France, for instance, legalized the use of this drug back in 1988. The United States legalized the use of the same drug back in 2000. In UK, the drug has been used for over a quarter century. Not to mention, there are over 60 other countries that have been using the drug before. This alone creates the impression that Canada is simply following suit. After all, super-powers across the globe have already made use of the pill before.

Line pharma Pharmaceutical Company has already been given the mandate to start manufacturing RU-486. The brand name of the drug will be Mifegymiso.

For any woman to be granted this drug, a prescription from a doctor will be required. The drug is recommended for women who are not beyond their 70th day of pregnancy. There are some serious health risks that stare to those who take the medication against the set precautions.

It is speculated that the pill will be on a higher supply come 2016 since production is quite low right now. Other pharmaceutical companies may also be granted permission to produce RU-486.

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