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Doctors Will Soon Be Prescribing Video Games to Enhance Mental Health

A new video game has been developed specifically for the brain. The people behind the video game have assured its consumers that the game is more than one of those get smarter-quick schemes. A Northern California start-up has insisted on giving the game multiple clinical trials in order for the game to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This process is known to cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time. The game’s designer is prepared to go through all the necessary trouble because he is determined to produce a satisfactory product for his consumers.

A salesperson who works in a store in San Francisco, Dominic Firpo referred to himself as “the brain coach”. He also said that he has had to learn all the 200 games in the store in order to help enhance people’s minds and their ability to think critically. He also pointed out that in the ‘Words and Memory’ part of the store, there is a product that is known to improve one’s focus and at the same time significantly reduce stress in approximately three minutes in a day. This product has sold out very quickly in the store within the first month of its debut in the store.

The brain fitness market is said to be currently worth at least $1 billion. It is however expected to raise in value in the next five years to approximately $6 billion. The game designers are mostly focused on the youth and the older population who are both in need of thinking faster and being less forgetful respectively. These games are also capable of boosting your IQ up a few points.

A psychology professor, Rendall Engle however disputes these claims stating that it is absurd to imply that playing a computer game for at least half an hour each day could change the functions of neurotransmitters in the dopamine system which are largely responsible for intelligence in the human brain. He also points out that there is no conclusive research that has been done and submitted to support these claims on the ability of brain games. Engle has also stated that in reality, the only thing the game does is make you good at the game itself and nothing more.

Adam Gazzaley, a neuroscientist, has also shown interest in the topic and is working on something that he considers to be more complicated than the usual brain exercise games. His is a video game that focuses on the art of multitasking. Gazzaley has said that his game is bound to have a positive effect on the executive functions of the brain. He also sees a lot of potential in using games for a number of psychiatric disorders ranging from traumatic brain injury to post-traumatic stress disorders. If his first game receives approval from the FDA, he hopes to introduce a couple of other games that he fills will receive approval and improve the human brain significantly.

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